pl.n. Book smarts refer to the education, schooling and other kinds of knowledge that one has acquired.It solely is a theoretical understanding of facts or ideas. Find more ways to say street smart, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The smarter we can be on our roads, the safer they will be for our friends, family and community. Whether you’re concerned about civil unrest, power outages, or a pandemic, here are six skills you should learn as soon as possible. You’ve been tested and have a bank of courage to depend on when you are tested again. street smarts synonyms, street smarts pronunciation, street smarts translation, English dictionary definition of street smarts. Another word for street smart. street smarts definition: 1. cunning or shrewdness needed to live in, or to deal with people living in, an urban environment characterized by poverty, crime, etc. Being able to succeed scholastically, and not necessarily in the real world. Shrewd awareness of how to survive in an often hostile urban environment. Being street smart can lead to book smarts as the street smart sense what works and what doesn’t, and adapt accordingly. Street smarts is a colloquial slang term referring to knowledge not obtained through higher learning or formal education but instead by practical life experience. In general, it involves using common sense to stay savvy and safe in real-life — or "street" — situations. "Having street smarts … Having street smarts takes common sense and the ability to deal with all kinds of people in a myriad of contentious situations. Street smarts means you’ve put yourself at risk and survived. The term has been used for decades throughout the United States, especially in regards to teens in urban centers. While having well-honed street smarts is essential for urban dwellers, street smarts are also an important skill for those in a rural community or remote area. And that's exactly what street smarts are. “Street smarts” usually refer to the intelligence that people have for using information (versus having it) along with interpersonal and observational skills that can win people to certain ways of thinking. StreetSmarts aims to help everyone use our roads in a smarter way, providing tips and tools to help us all stay more alert, share the roads and take extra care. You don’t need to be a full-blown survivalist to make it through an urban disaster.While vast stockpiles of food, water, and other supplies would indeed be quite beneficial, skills trump stuff every time. Whereas, street smarts refers to the experiential knowledge on things. Define street smarts. Or have scars. 1. Or thrived. "A great synonym for street smarts is having common sense," says SafeWise safety expert Sarah Brown, in an email to Bustle. Street smarts refer to the tactical knowledge you gain through experience whereas book smarts relate to what you learn in school.
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