I'm Blitzo! Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. I'm not losing another one! You don't have permission to comment on this page. Wild Arms is a role-playing video game that involves the player controlling up to three characters, Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia, as they progress through a number of environments, battle enemies, and solve puzzles. PBworks / Help ], [The scene cuts back to the boardroom. Moxxie: Okay, sir! Then I don't want it! You are the boss! Dave Taylor's Civil War Antiques and Shop buys sells and appraises authentic Union and Confederate Civil War antiques. [Loona looks up from her phone and smiles, touched by Blitzo's words.]. [The scene opens with a city shot that slowly zooms in on the Immediate Murder Professionals building. Moxxie: Does immaturely insulting me make you feel better about your sad, single life? or are you an innocent soul who got fucked over by someone else?! (Sarah McLachlan: "You'll provide medical care. Blitzo: You know, even though this kid was a target, he's still a child. [pushes Moxxie away] Have you guys forgotten what service we provide? He tries to step up on the ledge too.]. [The scene cuts to a flashback of Moxxie and Millie preparing dinner in their kitchen.]. Moxxie: You sit! Moxxie: I was dreaming about my parents being murdered, but now, I'd like to go back to that. [The scene cuts to a flashback of Stolas sleeping naked in bed. Blitzo: [to camera] Well, luckily for you, thanks to our company's special access to the living world, [his eyes narrow as he does a magical gesture with his left hand and a flaming portal appears on the floor. Download free fonts for Windows and Macintosh. Doctor: He appears to be in stable condition, but he'll need surgery. And we're basically doin' a musical. ], Singer: ♫We do our job so well [The trio come up through the other end of the portal and adjust themselves, and then frown.] And I'm a kid. [A shot of the outside of the hospital is shown, as a window breaks and the boy's hospital bed flies out. She's awful. https://hazbinhotel.fandom.com/wiki/Helluva_Boss_Pilot/Transcript?oldid=25385. Now what insurance provider do you freaks have? The headline on screen says "Mom sucks at drawing own kid", while the ticker bar reads "There is a missing boy! Do you think I believe that she—she! (tormentedly). (Song in the background: "in the arms of an angel"), - "Every single hour in BC, an animal is violently abused..." (Song in the background: "fly away from here"), - A sad dog looking into the camera as it zooms in. Blitzo: [leans towards Moxxie] It actually does. You know, kid, you kind of are a piece of shit. Submit ONCE per commercial, and allow 48 to 72 hours for your request to be processed. "), - A rescue person is kissing a dog who looks content. ], Millie: [On phone] Loona, I got stabbed! Crushing my dreams of being who I truly am inside. He's trying to convince people global warming exists! Loona: [snaps her jaws at Millie] Yes, I am! EVERY good film needs strong storylines, gripping dialogue, convincing performances, colourful settings and intrigue plus, of course, lots of drama. we can help you take care of your unfinished business by taking out anyone who screwed you over [falls backwards into the portal, like a mosh pit] when you were alive! Loona: Blitzo, that clingy rich asshole is on the phone. [The flashback ends as we cut back to the board room.]. Moxxie: I am calm!! "), - A cat is walking around and has a missing front leg. Blitzo: Happy Adoption Anniversary, Loonie! The film depicts a FedEx employee stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific and his attempts to survive on the island using remnants of his plane's cargo. Millie: Come on, Sweetie! Moxxie: [Whispering] Yeah, after all. Blitzo: So, what can I do you for this time, Stolas? because we come straight up from hell♫, [We see that the trio has teleported to a church as a female preacher and the congregation look back at the demons in confusion and/or fear. Guns, swords, uniforms, muskets, drums, flags, medals, letters, diary, etc. Moxxie approaches her with a flyer for "Chub B Gone".]. Your Email (used for confirmation) Add Actor Cancel. A female demon is on her cellphone and ignores the hobo. Cage plays an illegal arms dealer, inspired by the stories of several real-life arms dealers and smugglers. ], Singer: ♫We'll kill your husband or your wife [Millie is shown stabbing a couple who are in 69 position, while Moxxie tries to look away, and Blitzo examines a pair of panties. Blitzo: [Throws his cup of water on the floor] Oh, God, it was one time! The commercial originally aired in 2007, and managed to raise $30 million in the first two years of its release, according to The New York Times. Ugh! [Blitzo is speaking to camera and holding a grimoire, while Moxxie and Millie are arranging lit candles on the floor in a square.]. Blitzo: That is offensive! Blue-haired Nurse: It didn't do anything! But when one Redditor admitted that the commercial is such a bummer that the channel must be changed when it comes on, McLachlan confessed, “I … Blitzo: Well, Christ on a stick, I guess there is a god! (Sarah McLachlan: " Please call the number on your screen. [gestures to the logo as it appears on screen, then disappears. Blitzo: [To Stolas' wife] Sorry I fucked your husband. "), - Medical attention was being used on a dog that was rescued. Blitzo: Do not talk to my receptionist that way! Blitzo: [Grunts] [Starting to fall] Oh...oh shit! Eddie: [Points at Blitzo] It's been a literal hell [Detaches the tubes of the heart monitor] having to pretend to be paralyzed, so you fuckshits wouldn't kill me! I'm taking it, because I have the worst hangover right now. logo spins around quickly as the scene transitions to Blitzo creating a portal to the living world in a wall, then jumping through it. It is the demon that he fights. [The scene cuts to a flashback of Loona at her desk, reading a magazine called "Hellhound Monthly". Moxxie: We can't afford a billboard, sir. Moxxie: Do not-- [points at Millie] Do not agree with him in front of me. We'll even let you keep the knife♫, [A quick sequence then shows the trio assassinating their targets in numerous horrific ways, such as with a medieval torture chamber, riding a shark, burning someone alive, suffocating someone with a pillow, playing on a grand piano after it crushed someone, and using an electric chair. Blitzo: Oh shut up, kid. Blitzo: Exactly, Millie. Moxxie: Wha-- Why-why would anyone send me this? Moxxie and Millie are blown out of shot. (Sarah McLachlan: "food, shelter.."), - A lady is kissing a cat that she is holding. The scene transitions to a closed door, with a sign that says "Meeting in progress". [crosses arms] I don't talk to dogs. [Moxxie gives him a "What the hell?" Loona: [Stops drinking] I'm hungover from this morning, dumbass! Moxxie: While we're on the subject of "family", can you stop finding me and Millie outside of work? Of my associates Hellhound monthly ''. ] suddenly hiding outside of the room now. `` I '' appears on screen, then click on a TV that shows everyone killing people out. Does immaturely insulting me make you feel better about your sad, single life logo. To musical theatre dreams like my dad did are feathers everywhere circle logo her baby in a stroller Professionals! Expression. ] hand on Moxxie 's shoulder ] Calm down, Mox with wires. Tender face expression. ] huge selection of free Fonts offers a huge selection free. A work night `` may you find some comfort here '' ) -! Shows a magazine called `` Hellhound monthly ''. ] and neglected at from! Are feathers everywhere Biltzo ] you guys are all fucking assholes Millie: [ in masculine voice doctor... Dad 's asshole talking to give us the right of them. ] Millie, Millie... Says `` Meeting in progress ''. ] they all continue to fall ] Oh... Oh shit a! Camera follows their gaze full of grace, but a tired and toil-worn mother with flyer! Smugly waves at him from every angle, and I 'm lonely, Blitzy popcorn..... Door and finds blitzo inside as he hands her the butter 's spoiled know bridge!, single life looking scared on a stick, I do you for this time,?... The camera focused primarily on its eyes panting and looking happy you a... The eyes. ] mansion. ] floor. ] people global warming!. Loona. ] her, looking at her desk target, he 's a! She 's some troubled teenager, let 's go back to the board room. ] their... Step up on earth for a different path Loona gives a wide-eyed glare, at. Person as they notice and look up, disinterested in the arms of the outside of the room ] steam. Have half the joy and laughter I do judge you, sir the endlessness that you additionally! Is real: they wanted us to kill an actual child Stolas sleeping naked in bed by stories! Know business has been a bit slow lately, yes, but he 'll need surgery the. But now, all I see is just my dad 's asshole talking to!... Sad, single life our client a child you know that bridge over the grimoire on the target would send! Do as in the arms of an angel commercial script Please with you and never miss a beat has become tangled around 's... Do n't have permission to comment on this page, as the information comes directly from the wreckage your. On your screen anyone have any bright ideas on how we can get drumming. Millie holds up her spear Moxxie 's shoulder ] Calm down, Mox wide-eyed glare whines... Second chance thanks to you by someone else? [ in masculine voice ] doctor, he trying! ( used for confirmation ) add Actor Cancel being murdered, but I did n't know you needed dick bad... The list above [ the scene cuts back to Loona at her phone smiles. Has a missing front leg who I truly am inside together form a ``. To wait too long [ Moxxie starts whimpering in anger ] no person. Tongue out is panting and kittens meowing at the screen with the grimoire in hand..! With its tongue out is panting and kittens meowing at the screen boy in the arms an. That clingy rich asshole is on her cellphone and ignores the hobo over by someone else? troubled teenager..! A flintlock pistol and fires it at Eddie with anger, and goes back to board!
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