You’re No Superman

“God gives everybody gifts, but he doesn’t give anybody all the gifts.” – Mike Glenn

Photo Credit: bizior photography -

Photo Credit: bizior photography –

Have you ever noticed that Superman can do it all? He never needs any help and can single handedly save the world over and over again. I hate to break it to you, but you’re no superman. You cannot do everything in the ministry yourself. You need people who can and will come alongside and serve with you.

As an example from my ministry, I have people who set up, break down, lead the songs, and teach classes (and many other things). I would not be able to focus on the things that only I can do if I was busy doing all the things I can train others to do. Don’t try to do it all yourself. God didn’t make you that way and he does not intend for the Church to work that way either.

My point is that you need a team. People who can free you up and do things that they are uniquely gifted to do. Think about it this way, even¬†superhero’s work better with a team… And you do, too.¬†

How do you help bring people alongside you in your ministry?

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