Learning of Mexican forces in a mill complex known as the Molino del Rey, Scott ordered an attack to capture the facilities as … This range of ground, from the King's Mill on the left to the high ground west from the ravine, on the right, was occupied by the Mexican forces. Division. . "It rises from the ancient shore of Lake Tezeuco, and was the favorite resort of the Aztec princes. Captain Huger's heavy guns first opened fire on the mills, and continued until that point of the enemy's line became shaken. American casualties numbered 116 killed and 671 wounded, including several senior officers. About five hundred yards from the northern extremity of the mills is the Casa Mata, another strong stone building. Date: 1851: Source: Published in the 1851 book "The … It was fought in September 1847 between Mexican forces under General Antonio Léon against an American force under Major General Winfield Scott at El Molino del Rey near Mexico City. Again falling back, the Americans allowed Duncan's guns to do their work and the garrison abandoned the post a short time later. Having advanced inland from Veracruz and won several victories, Major General Winfield Scott's American army approached Mexico City. Advancing, McIntosh quickly found that the Casa was a stone fortress and not an earthen fort as originally believed. Three Mexican guns, large quantities of small arms and ammunition, and 800 prisoners were captured. Major Sumner commanded cavalry, initially on the extreme left. Associated name on shelflist card: Baillie. . The Battle of Molino del Rey (8 September 1847) was one of the bloodiest engagements of the Mexican–American War as part of the Battle for Mexico City. The Americans made little progress in this battle… The Battle of Molins de Rei or Battle of Molins de Rey or Battle of Molins del Rey (21 December 1808) saw an Imperial French corps led by Laurent Gouvion Saint-Cyr attack a Spanish army temporarily led by Theodor von Reding and the Conde de Caldagues because its commander Juan Miguel de Vives y Feliu was absent. Fire from Duncan's guns kept the Mexican cavalry at bay and Sumner's small force crossed the ravine to provide further protection. The battle of Molino del Rey was fought on the 8th of September. Medium: 1 print. Brigadier General Newman Clarke's brigade (temporarily led by Lieutenant Colonel James S. McIntosh) was directed to move west and assault the Casa de Mata. Copy. Building a major base at Veracruz, Scott began making preparations to advance inland before yellow fever season arrived. Poté, co postupoval do vnitrozemí z Veracruzu a získal několik vítězství, Hlavní generál Winfield Scott Americká armáda se přiblížila k Mexico City. Colonel Garland and Drum's battery occupied the enemy's position on the right, immediately under the guns of Chapultepec. These include a flour mill, and the old royal gunpowder mill. EL MOLINO DEL REY, BATTLE OF. The subsequent negotiations proved futile and the truce was marred by numerous violations on the part of the Mexicans. Call Number: PGA - Baillie--Battle of Molino (A size) [P&P] Preparations began immediately thereafter for the Battle of Chapultepec. At 3:00 AM, Worth's division began advancing guided by scouts James Mason and James Duncan. Mexican forces lost over 769 casualties along with General Leon and Colonels Balderas (Mina Battalion) and Gelaty dead. This record contains unverified data from PGA shelflist card. Spread across the distance of this point, they were about 1,000 yards (0.91 km) west of the Castle at Chapultepec, which itself was about two miles (3 km) from th… Scott ordered General Worth to attack and take the Mill, break up the factory, and destroy any munitions found. The Battle of Molino del Rey was one of the bloodiest engagements of the Mexican-American War. LC-DIG-pga-05205 (digital file from original item) Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. Driving towards Mexico City, he won battles at Contreras and Churubusco in August 1847. The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Picture Collection. In the resulting fighting, both positions were captured, but American losses proved high. Having advanced inland from Veracruz and won several victories, Major General Winfield Scott's American army approached Mexico City. Aware of Scott's intentions, Santa Anna ordered five brigades, supported by artillery, to defend the Molino and Casa de Mata. Haven taken this objective, Worth ordered his artillery to shift their fire to the Casa de Mata and directed McIntosh to attack. These were overseen by Brigadier Generals Antonio Leon and Francisco Perez. casus= territory= result=U.S. Though artillery fire was slowly reducing the Casa de Mata, Worth directed McIntosh to attack again. Contemporary lithograph portraying the "Blowing up the Foundry by the Victorious American Army under General Worth.". To the northeast, through some woods, the castle of Chapultepec towered over the area while to the west stood the fortified position of Casa de Mata. Worth had a total strength of 2,800 men. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. With the battle at the Casa de Mata progressing, Worth was alerted to Alvarez's presence to across a ravine to the west. Included are major actions at the battles of Molino del Rey and Chapultepec, culminating with the fall of Mexico City. In the Casa Mata were the 4th light battalion (600 men)and 11th regiment of the line (900 men), under General Francisco Perez. Located southwest of Mexico City, the Molino del Rey (King's Mill) consisted of a series stone buildings that once had housed flour and gunpowder mills. On September 6, 1847, as the armistice and negotiations that followed the Battle of Churubusco were breaking down, a large number of Mexican troops were observed around a group of low, massive stone buildings known as El Molino del Rey or King's Mill.
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