Videos for Teaching ASL

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect video to teach an ASL class! I am certain every teacher has their favorite videos they like to use, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites to teach ASL.

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It can be difficult finding the perfect video to illustrate a particular concept in ASL. You can search for hours and hours and still come up empty handed. These are some of my g0-to videos I use when teaching ASL in my church.

Not all of them are Christian, and I cannot recommend everything that every person below does (Keith Wann, for instance, has some content I certainly do not approve of). However, I can recommend each of these particular videos as safe for church use and great examples of ASL to use when teaching Sign Language.

Churches with Online Channels

One of my favorate sources of videos are like minded Deaf ministries and churches that post their sermons online! Obviously, I cannot pick out one video from each because they all have such good material. I wanted to link to some of my favorates here to help you get started!

Deaf Baptist Church

Harvest Deaf Ministries

Deaf Liberty Baptist Church

Liberty Baptist Church of the Deaf

CrossRoads Deaf Ministry

We also have more churches in our online Directory (If you know of a church that we missed in our directory, please let us know via email at!)

The Incredible Journey of an Ordinary Egg

This video is a great example of personification in ASL. He also has an excellent (and creative) use of classifiers. Best of all, it’s a funny story that is easy to understand, even for new signers.

“The Three Caterpillars”

Signed children’s stories make great material to teach ASL. This man makes excellent use of classifiers and is a great example of how to be visual in ASL.

Keith Wann – “My Savior”

A beautifully signed Christian song. It seems that everyone loves to sign songs, so what better way to do so than well signed Christian songs!

“The Wizard of Oz” in ASL

A beloved children’s story done in ASL by the kids at Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. This video is a little longer, but it is a great example of how children sign. Also, since most people know the story, it will be easy for them to follow along!

Those are some videos that I use to teach ASL. Do you have any you would add? Let us know in the comments! If we get enough recommendations, we will do another post!



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