The Three Letter Idea Killer

“The word ‘how’ can kill a great idea before it gets started.” Andy Stanley

Photo courtesy of Asif Akbar at

Photo courtesy of Asif Akbar at

The word “how” is only three little letters, but it has the chance to kill some of the greatest things you could do to serve the Lord. Many times, we have a great idea to, for example, reach our community. Then, however, we ask “how?” and, when the answer is not easy, we decide to give up on that idea.

I almost made this mistake once. When I first came to lead the Deaf Ministry where I am now, there was an idea circulating to drop the Sunday Morning Deaf Class, and stop interpreting Sunday morning, in favor of a 3:00pm Deaf church service. At first, I did not like this idea. I could not catch the vision of an afternoon service and was too caught up in the “how.” I was concerned about how to find the time to plan a weekly church service, how to make sure we were able to pick people up, and how to get everyone to buy into a fairly novel concept for our little Deaf Ministry (and many other questions).

However, I did not want to give up on the idea. After some prayer and reflection, I started to see how it could work. We made our plans, and started to put the pieces in place to launch an afternoon Deaf church service. Since then, our Deaf ministry grew from averaging around 8 to averaging around 25. If I would have gotten too stuck on “how,” and all the obstacles, and quit, that would never have happened.

What ideas are you not doing because you think you can’t? Maybe you think that there are not enough resources, not enough people, or not enough time. Don’t let “how” stop you from serving God in a big way. Rather than asking “how,” I now like to ask “what.” What would it look like if you had the resources or the time? What would you need to make that happen? What do I need to do? What will God provide?

What opportunity are you missing?

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