The Importance of Listening [Quote]

“If you’re not listening to the people around you don’t be surprised if they stop having anything to say” – Frank Blake quoting Andy Stanley

Photo Credit Csuka András via

Photo Credit Csuka András via

Most of us are in varying degrees of leadership in our churches. We lead people into spiritual growth, through ministry, and to Jesus Christ. In our excitement for ministry and our desire to lead others, we can stop listening to people around us.

This can be dangerous and lead to us disconnecting from those to whom we minster. If we are not listening, we will begin to preach messages with no relevance to their lives. We will miss the opportunity to meet real needs in people’s lives. We will even miss opportunities to lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Do not neglect to listen to those people around you. You will glean wonderful insights about where they are spiritually and what you can do to help them move further!

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