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The Green Letters” by Miles Stanford flipped my entire perspective of the Christian life on its head! It took concepts and ideas that I had heard as pithy pulpit statements and made them into real truths. This book helped me to realize that “in Christ” is not just a label or something that sounds good from the pulpit, but who I am as a Christian. I highly recommend this resource. I hope you will glean the same wisdom that I have from it. Both the book and a set of devotional questions from each chapter are available as free downloads.

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Although this book does not pertain to Deaf ministry in particular, it does pertain to you. I firmly believe that you can only lead people as far as you have gone. If you have plateaued in your spiritual life, it will limit you ministry for God. My prayer is that this book will give you a fresh look at your spiritual life and that the discipleship questions will be helpful to you and your ministry!

A true realization, and a firm foundation, of who one is “in Christ” will change everything.

One of the printings of "The Green Letters" under the title "Principles of Spiritual Growth"

One of the printings of “The Green Letters” under the title “Principles of Spiritual Growth”

The Green Letters: Principles of Spiritual Growth” or “Principles of Spiritual Growth” (depending on the printing), describes the fundamentals of the Christian life from the perspective of a man who lived close to God. In Stanford’s own words, the purpose of “The Green Letters” is “to carefully bring out some of the more important principles of spiritual growth in order to help build on a sound biblical foundation in Christ.” A true realization, and a firm foundation, of who one is “in Christ” will change everything.

Where can you get “The Green Letters”? I’m glad you asked! You can download a free (and legal) PDF here. The book is also available on Amazon for less than ten dollars.

This book is perfect for discipleship lessons. It is divided into 18 chapters, each only a few pages in length. This makes it perfect of doing a small group or one-on-one study. You could have your group or student read one chapter during the week and then meet to discuss the chapter. This is exactly what we did while I was interning at a church south of Atlanta one summer. I have made these questions available if you wish you use them; simply click here to download a printout. I hope they are a blessing to you and the people with whom you serve.


  1. The Green Letters by Miles Stanford is a book about being “in Christ” and what that means in our lives.
  2. Physical copies of the book are available on and at other retailers.
  3. My original discipleship questions to accompany “The Green Letters” can be downloaded  here.

Have you ever read “The Green Letters”? What was your take on the book? Share your thoughts here.

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