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Healthy Me

“The number one thing that my church needs is a healthy me. And if they don’t have a healthy me then I’m not able to provide the leadership that I need to provide.” Sean Seay


“Thousands of deaf people die everyday and go to hell. And people ask me when I’m going to retire. I can’t!” – Jim Sloan

Thoughts on Gossip

Gossip is truly the bane of every preacher’s ministry. We simply hate it. Often the gossip is worsened by the fact that the Deaf Community in any area is basically a small town, with all the gossip and drama that goes along with it. Lately, I have been dealing with this issue in my Deaf Ministry lately, and I wanted to share some thoughts for us leading a ministry that is dealing with gossip.

Five Ministry Blogs You Should Read

Blogging has changed the way we learn in recent years… Now, normal people have an outlet to share ideas all over the world on websites just like Reach the Deaf. For us in Deaf Ministry, there are almost no blogs that specifically deal with leading a Deaf Ministry or Deaf Church (that’s why we are here). However, there are many blogs that we can learn from to help us reach the Deaf world.

Success [Quote]

“Success leads to complacency and complacency leads to failure.” – Andy Stanley

The Importance of Listening [Quote]

“If you’re not listening to the people around you don’t be surprised if they stop having anything to say” – Frank Blake quoting Andy Stanley

Empowering Leaders

“The leader’s job is to effectively assign responsibility. Assign as many responsibilities and as few tasks as you can.” – Frank Blake, Former CEO of The Home Depot

The Pattens´ Display

Training Leaders – Bob and Becky Patten [Interview]

In the second part of my conversation with Bob and Becky Patten, veteran missionaries to the Deaf in Chile, we discuss their ongoing effort to train leaders and establish Deaf ministries in churches throughout the city of Santiago.