Spiritual Work Without Spiritual Power

“We go astray when we attempt to do spiritual work without spiritual power.” ‪- A.W. Tozer‬

Photo Credit: luis relampago via freeimages.com

Photo Credit: luis relampago via freeimages.com

We leaders can easily fall astray. We can fall prey to doing the work of the ministry in our own power. We can develop an “I got this, God” attitude. How wrong we can be! When we tell God “I got this” what we are really saying is “I know best, God” and we allow pride to take over.

This can also manifest itself in much smaller ways. Sometimes, we forget to pray before we preach or teach. Sometimes, we go full steam ahead with our plans without considering God might have a better plans. Sometimes, we even neglect our personal spiritual life and neglect the work God can do in us for the work God can do through us.

Most people will not criticize you for those “little” things. However, they are a serious problem. We cannot do God’s work without God’s power. Make sure, this week, do not minister in your own strength. Pray to God, seek Him, and put yourself aside. Do not fall prey to pride.

What are some other ways people try to do God’s work without His power?

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