This is a film I loved as a kid, but as an adult saw some real flaws in its writing. And as Nolan's movie further proves, even if you flee the battlefield with heavy casualties, it does not mean you lost. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Watch Sub Launch Torpedo—From Torpedo's POV, The USS Bonhomme Richard Officially Can't Be Saved, Watch Two Army Tanks Tow a Friggin' An-124 Condor, The Navy Might Be Firing Its Railgun This Week, Paratroops Once Used Bazooka Vespas in Combat, The XB-70 Valkyrie Could've Been a Passenger Jet, The Air Force is Testing a New Loadout for the B-1, Russia Threatens to Ram U.S. Navy Destroyer, Watch an F-35 Drop a Dummy Thermonuclear Bomb. On that point, bless belated family member Rosino Gagliardi who proudly served in the Canadian Army during WWII and who was shot in the head on the frontlines of battle but survived and continued to serve until his death at age 88. It's the film's narrative culmination and is in many ways a slow purpose reveal of why Nolan has told the story in this way; Dunkirk really is a movie about the telling (evidenced in how he's called it a suspense thriller), highlighting how Operation Dynamo's success was the result of many seemingly disparate people all unknowingly working together. It was something that the world had never seen! Personally I have always been a big supporter of our military and our veterans. Although it takes place in one of the most dramatic chapters of World War II, Dunkirk isn’t really about conflict, or violence, or the horrors of combat. The movie's war violence is realistic and intense, with heavy bombing and shooting and many deaths (though very little blood). German submarines would prove to be a major threat to Allied shipping for the rest of the war, and new types of mine with magnetic and acoustic sensors became ever more dangerous. Normally I do not gave-away the meaning of the movie up front but in this case (if you caught it) I did in the opening paragraph. ( Log Out /  Let us never forget to remember our civic duty to support our blessed troops before, during, and after their service. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. These are the real heroes and patriots. Keep scrolling for more. With allied forces cut off, the troops are surrounded, and driven to the brink as their strategic German enemies slowly pick them off. It won three of those, for Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing. It made me day much better, as my mood was really ruined because that morning I was verbally abused by some people in Whitechapel arrogantly thinking I was taking photos of them, when I was taking a shot of the street related to the Ripper case, so this conversation with this soldier was quite lovely & pleasant, particularly as I am extremely shy & generally not good at conversation. As cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema touts, ‘We have a big love for the big format.’ FYI another magnificent historical drama on the harrowing events at Dunkirk is the Darkest Hour. Case in point, even though this film frames the story using an ensemble cast approach rather than focusing on a few key characters, one role given ample screen time is steadfast Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance). Some call it perhaps Hitler's greatest blunder to have allowed so many Allied troops to escape, while others dismiss the notion that the Allies definitely would have lost the war without the evacuation. Editor's Note: At the 9th Academy Awards, Dunkirk was nominated for a eight Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director. IT WON’T MAKE SENSE ANYWAY.) The Stuka turned out to be vulnerable to modern fighters. The Internet's Best Recuts of the 'Star Wars' Movies. These reviews are the best! Given this movie zeros in on the number three there is probably some significance attached to the digit. All in all this film has the power to make you cry and express delight at the same time. We learn a lot from the messages they convey. Electrifying! It’s an overwhelming and demoralizing sight. Views: 5 Genre: Action, Drama, War This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. An estimated 933 ships took part; 236 were lost and 61 put out of action. "So long as the English tongue survives, the word Dunkirk will be spoken with reverence," stated the New York Times editorial on June 1, 1940. History and Etymology for Dunkirk. I just have a big catalog of films I need to see first. The entire British Expeditionary Army and other allied forces have receded to the French beaches of Dunkirk, after gravely underestimating the superior might of the German forces. That doesn’t mean it’s anemic in depicting the horror of combat; quite the contrary. The movie painfully relays just how dreadful it must have been for these waylaid soldiers who were so close to safe territory yet no way to cross the divide. These days, of course, air superiority is widely seen as being essential to the success of a military operation. However, what’s even more necessary is that we remember our veterans who have honorably and bravely served our country and whose selfless service should always be revered. I’ve not seen this one either but I might eventually catch up to the Nolan films I’ve not seen. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Very nice man. As many of us do when faced with loss and grief, we wish for a second chance to get it right. Perhaps Mr. Dawson’s inability to keep his own son out of harms-way served as a catalyst motiving him to instead rescue other people’s sons. The British called on civilian volunteers with small boats to cross the channel and help ferry troops to the transports. “Dunkirk” is a war movie without much blood or computer-generated mayhem; it is an unrelenting twist of the soul, a psychological thriller of intersecting timelines and a … The 15 Best War Movies on Netflix Right Now, How the Biggest Naval Battle of WWI Went Down. If audiences are left with only this impression that’s fantastic! Amongst the many bloody battles that took place during World War ll, the Battle of Dunkirk stands out. As the movie quickly unfolds the starkness and severity of the problem becomes piercingly clear. The Second World War began quickly in the East, as German forces smashed through Polish defenses. Thanks for sharing Brett. The Battle of Dunkirk has inspired endless debate in the decades since. Circling back to the movie, I have crossed the English Channel many times and have visited a number of war memorials worldwide including sites in France, England (Churchill’s Bunker, Imperial War Museum Duxford – a historical WWII RAF airfield near Cambridge where I lived and where WWII airplanes still fly in airshows, which I have attended), and Germany. running out of fuel, being shot down at sea, faulty gauges, burning alive, being captured…) admirably sacrifices everything to help others by charging toward danger not away from it. In just seventeen days the French and British armies were routed and thrown back to Dunkirk, where they were surrounded by the Nazis. The British destroyer Grafton was sunk by a German submarine, while steam ferry SS Mona's Queen and French destroyer Bourrasque sunk after hitting mines. This was a dramatic change from the previous war, where advancing a few miles took days. Though within seconds the men are under siege as rapid gun fire erupts leaving the young fighters fiercely fleeing for their lives dodging enemy laden bullets. As small privately owned vessels are welcomely requisitioned by the government with many operated by naval officers, some boat owners insist on manning and operating their own unarmed watercraft in an effort to help the hemmed in brigades. ( Log Out /  To mark Remembrance Day 2020 with our COVID-19 reality in mind, it seems only fitting to showcase the extraordinary true wartime story that epically recounts the crushing despair felt by 400,000 British, French, Belgium (and Canadian) troops when hopelessly trapped in isolation on the beaches of Dunkirk. "We must be careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory," was Prime Minister Winston Churchill's stern reminder in a famous speech on June 4. Brits are largely of the Christian faith so ‘three’ could represent the father, son, and the holy ghost. Canada also provided four Royal Canadian Navy destroyers to help with the mission. What an amazing patriot. This was Remembrance Sunday I think its called. The story of the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain, Canada and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk between May 26th and June 4th 1940 during World War II. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Once I was even in East Berlin for D-Day Ceremonies and that was most interesting indeed. Propaganda is a method of leaving out key parts of a story to coerce or manipulate the viewer to fill in the missing pieces with their own experience. Christopher Nolan's war epic celebrates the evacuation of British and French troops from Dunkirk in 1940. We had a pleasant chat, & I asked him about his experiences. From May 27 until June 4, 1940, more than 338,000 Allied troops who'd been encircled by the Nazis at Dunkirk, France, were evacuated by sea. But let’s go through it in more detail. 1917 Is a Visual Feat and a Bad Movie Sam Mendes’s war drama is designed to look like it was shot in two long takes. Now stranded like sitting ducks, their demise will ultimately cost Britain the war. Dunkirk the movie is a true story based on events that occurred during World War II. Even when my kids were very young, and the weather was extremely cold we would go to pay our respects. In the end 336,000+ British/ French/Belgium/Canadian soldiers were saved by Churchill’s ‘civilian fleet’ with the assistance of the Royal Air Force who protected the evacuation efforts by warding off air attacks from the Luftwaffe. Dunkirk (UK: / d ʌ n ˈ k ɜːr k /, US: / ˈ d ʌ n k ɜːr k /; French: Dunkerque [dœ̃kɛʁk] (); French Flemish: Duunkerke; Dutch: Duinkerke(n) [ˈdœynkɛrkə(n)] ()) is a commune in Nord, a French department in northern France.It lies 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the Belgian border. Dunkirk Plot Summary In 1940 during World War 2, thousands of Allied soldiers comprising of British and French troops, are stranded on Dunkirk - a Fre. What If Christoper Nolan Directed Wall-E? In the West, the story was different. 2. The early victories in Iraq and Afghanistan owe something to the Blitzkrieg approach. It is a huge difference. Spoiler Alert: it turns out Mr. Dawson is spurred to action by the death of his own military son to warfare. It was a really cold day & he commented to me about the weather, & I said I’m fine with it as I prefer the cold weather, which he was kind of surprised about, but then I told him I’m Australian. Dunkirk is a movie set during World War II, on the beaches of the small French town named Dunkirk. I didn’t head into Dunkirk with the intention of writing about it. When done inadvertently, as it is here in Dunkirk, the technique distances the viewer and removes them from experience–unless they possess a patriotic … It was LOUD (in a good way), & a great experience. Also, thank you for your kind words. Namely young privates Tommy (Fionn Whitehead) and Alex (Harry Styles) whose sense of fairness and integrity are tested more than once in their quest to survive. The film opens with menacingly leaflets falling like confetti declaring ‘We surround you!’ as several British soldiers quietly walk through the empty war-torn costal city of Dunkirk on route to the seafront. Seeing it in the cinema recently, the experience pretty much made me forget about my complaints mostly. These reviews are the best. The evacuation could only be carried out because of the air cover provided by the Royal Air Force, which claimed 377 kills, losing just 87 of their own. The British lost the destroyers Basilisk, Havant and Keith to German air attacks. ( Log Out /  The population of the commune at the 2016 census was 91,412. Nobody in Britain was talking about surrender. Then I was made to feel foolish by critics and film analysts telling me in no uncertain terms that I’d interpreted the movie entirely wrong. Wow I bet the IMAX experience was amazing! I will have to check out Darkest Hour next. Thank you for your insight. Dunkirk may be the most understated World War Two movie ever made. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. basic needs, housing, financial support…).To support this amazing cause as the OHF always endeavors to do please donate to them at: It also gives him the audience experience. The thirst for violence and conflict had turned men into beasts. While I was in London last November, I was taking photos of the horse guards & then walked a lot further down to the nearest tube station, but before leaving I went into the small Tescos & stood behind a soldier in the checkout line who started talking to me. It’s very difficult if you’re shy to just start conversations but practice makes perfect so keep up the great work and of course keep watching movies. On the surface, this film’s main message seems relatively clear-cut; demonstrating how a near military catastrophe transformed from ultimate failure into a tremendous morale booster by showing how impactful and significant comradery and a collective effort can be. We don’t see developed characters and the few who are individualized have no backstory or personal context outside of the immediate action. P.S. Just the kind of person you want on your team! Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” is a conscious and careful departure from such expectations and from war movie conventions. Dunkirk, the newest epic from Christopher Nolan, retells one of the iconic legends of the Second World War. But Stukas pounded the Allied troops mercilessly as they waited for rescue. Only three weeks before the evacuation at Dunkirk, there was virtually no activity on the Western front. Guderian's panzer divisions were ordered to stop and wait for supporting infantry units to catch up (German marshals still feared a possible Allied counterattack) and so they did not advance on Dunkirk. Since WWII, mines have sunk three times as many US Navy ships as all other means of attack combined. At Dunkirk, airpower showed what it could do at sea. This content is imported from YouTube. I agree. This film surreptitiously exhibits just how the strong become weak and how underdogs become heroes. And I completely agree with the big screen. After all this mission was declared a ‘miracle’. Aerial bombing put the harbor at Dunkirk out of action on May 27, 1940, leaving nowhere for big ships to dock. I told him although I’m not British, I still thanked him for his services, which he really appreciated. Dunkirk is, in my opinion, yet another masterpiece from mastermind Christopher Nolan. Dunkirk or Dunkerque, France, scene of the evacuation of Allied forces in 1940. Dunkirk is England’s Alamo, its Masada – a defeat turned rallying cry for ultimate victory. A lot changed between the world wars. With the telling tale of Dunkirk now outlined, what life lesson is this movie trying to teach us? Though I would expand this swarthy statement beyond such moral implications as I believe the veritable take-away is much more than this. About 100,000 were lifted from the beaches during Operation Dynamo, and the rest were taken from the harbor and the wooden breakwater. And although the troops had to abandon their tanks and artillery, along with more than 60,000 vehicles, the newspapers and newsreels were full of pictures of smiling soldiers who had come home and were determined to carry on the fight. That said, let’s stay on track with the story at hand. The soldiers make it out, except for Gibson, who gets caught on something and drowns. What's not debatable is that a close look at Dunkirk reveals many factors that came to shape modern warfare. By all accounts this ‘colossal military disaster’ as labelled by Winston Churchill is going to take a ‘miracle of deliverance’ to save these cornered comrades. Let’s start with the basics: Dunkirk is a coastal town in northern France. The boat floats out of Dunkirk but soon starts sinking. Submarines are now recognized as the trump card in naval warfare. It is also one of few WWII films made without the presence of American soldiers as its set in 1940 before Americans were involved in the war. Interstellar: The Next Great Space Movie? Change ), The Shining 40 Years On (Halloween Special), Forrest Gump (1st Year Anniversary! After this still-complex interchange, the threads … WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Dunkirk-This weekend sees the release of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, an intense and harrowing film depicting the miraculous evacuation of thousands of British soldiers from the beaches of France during WWII. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Sodramjet Could Reach Anywhere on Earth in 2 Hours. By the way, the aerial dogfights in this flick are an added exciting element. Dunkirk is a 2017 war film written, directed, and produced by Christopher Nolan that depicts the Dunkirk evacuation of World War II. The Sea (One Day) The Royal Navy starts taking over private boats in an effort to rescue the soldiers stranded at Dunkirk. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Note: Dunkirk is a wartime extravaganza (by air, sea, and land) and is best seen in theatres as to appreciate how visually spectacular the widescreen shots are. Only a 21-mile journey this short distance seems beyond reach due to heavy enemy-fire. Enter Operation Dynamo (aka The Miracle of Dunkirk) an extremely dangerous yet tactical military plan to assemble 850 civilian boats (yachts, barges, fishing boats…) of all shapes and sizes to sail across Britain’s famous moat, the English Channel, from Ramsgate England to Dunkirk France. At any rate, this factual narrative has a few other side stories that viewers also become quite invested in. ‘Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say: “This was their finest hour… Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts…never surrender.’ – Winston Churchill. To the point the real message dives deeper than mere teamwork. Sirens on the plane, known as "Jericho trumpets," emitted a terrifying screech as it dived. Stay safe! of bombs with lethal accuracy. (OBLIGATORY SPOILER WARNING: IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN DUNKIRK, DON’T READ THIS. Films like Moonlight or Sicko employ this method as a means of increasing emotional attachment. With supplies being cut off due to constant bombing and attack by German warships, they were on the verge of being eliminated by the Germans.Dunkirk is the story of their evacuation, how they got off these shores. Fast fact: Canadian soldiers were not only rescued at Dunkirk but also assisted with evacuations, namely Vancouverite Robert Timbrell a 20-year-old sub-lieutenant who later received the Distinguished Service Cross. It has the third-largest French harbour. Action vs. As opposed to the slow advance of foot-soldiers over a broad front, Germany's "lightning war" meant a rapid armored thrust with a spearhead of Panzer tanks. There was so little fighting that for eight months it had been called the "Phoney War," with German forces in the Siegfried line facing French forces in the Maginot line in a static re-enactment of WWI trench warfare. Stay well. The film was distributed by Warner Bros. How we test gear. From May 27 until June 4, 1940, more … It had already been the subject of a respectable 1958 film of the same title when Christopher Nolan began percolating the idea for his project during a boat trip across the English Channel in 1992. The attack—led by General Heinz Guderian, the father of the blitzkrieg—punched through Allied lines and out-maneuvered them. Dunkirk may have saved Britain's behind, but it wasn't exactly a win. Lee Smith’s biggest challenge cutting Dunkirk was telling a clear story visually. On this point, as the story unravels viewers grow increasingly fond of Tom Hardy’s character, Spitfire pilot Farrier, who when faced with his own demise (e.g. Seeing both in tandem gives a very well-rounded perspective of this very important historical event. Since everything that is brilliant about the film has already been said I will briefly write what I think of the film and also touch on a topic that some people are criticizing the movie for. While attempts have been made to abolish war on a global scale, a permanent peace remains out of reach. #iava2018 — Jamie Cobb (@jamiecobbeditor) March 3, 2018. That definition seems to fit just fine in the context of Dunkirk, which takes place during WWII. The agony of battle explodes from the onset of the film and never lets up, with the ugliness of war portrayed in a very real way. It’s about role reversal and the necessity to defend our defenders! The release of Christopher Nolan’s film “Dunkirk” provides a welcome reminder that there have been bigger disasters in British history than last year’s … I feel like those words have become watered down over the years, atleast here in the U.S. As the story drifts along three time points (week/day/hour May 26-June 4 1940) all three independent yet entwining stories are effectively tied together. By becoming a part of the story-forming process, the viewer unknowingly subscribes to the original Author’s point-of-view. It was not only aircraft the rescuers had to beware. Written and directed by filmmaking virtuoso Christopher Nolan, this movie (one of his best ever) is broken down into three parallel yet intersecting stories by land, sea, and air that successfully delivers a powerful message of individual grit, civil bravery, and military unity. Thanks for sharing. How heartbreaking. Parents need to know that Dunkirk is director Christopher Nolan's World War II movie about the real-life incident in which Allied forces were surrounded and trapped on Dunkirk beach -- and everyday heroes helped rescue them, despite the risk of danger and death. Operation Dynamo, as it was officially called, was Winston Churchill's last-ditch effort to save the British Expeditionary … This content is imported from {embed-name}. Ever since I can remember I have gone to the Memorial Park Library on Remembrance Day when in Calgary to leave poppies and flowers. But this technical accomplishment is wasted on a soulless film. Dunkirk is really worth the watch and as I mentioned Darkest Hour is incredible too. ordered to stop and wait for supporting infantry units, claimed 377 kills, losing just 87 of their own. I also recently saw Jurassic Park in my local cinema. "Dunkirk" tells us in its chapter-like opening titles that one major subplot takes place over a week, another in a day, and yet another in one hour. "Wars are not won by evacuations." Blitzkrieg used dive bombers rather than artillery bombardments to take out concentrations of enemy troops. ( Log Out /  Its ensemble cast includes Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, Harry Styles, Aneurin Barnard, James D'Arcy, Barry Keoghan, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, and Tom Hardy. I true test of character. Darkest Hour is really well done too and worth the watch. The old days of fixed front lines have gone, and, as at Dunkirk, warfare between states is decided by fast-moving armored units with air support. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Dunkirk shows how winning can be a matter of spin. I love this film as it really sets the tone of how essential it is to protect our protectors! Dunkirk (Remembrance Day) To mark Remembrance Day 2020 with our COVID-19 reality in mind, it seems only fitting to showcase the extraordinary true wartime story that epically recounts the crushing despair felt by 400,000 British, French, Belgium (and Canadian) troops when hopelessly trapped in isolation on the beaches of Dunkirk. Couldn’t rely on dialogue to tell the story. A resolute caring selfless citizen that risks his own safety to sail into the abyss in his ‘pleasure craft’ to help those in-need. For the record I do not believe Hitler’s account that he decided to give Churchill ‘a fighting chance’; clearly the favor would not have been returned as Churchill stated, ‘I’d form an alliance with the devil himself if helped defeat Hitler.’ Churchill, who had only been in office as UK’s Prime Minister just over two weeks before the Dunkirk Ops, had a bit of a spotty military record according to some, but he was spot on about Hitler. It always amazing me what inspires people to engage in random acts of kindness and bravery. ha ha. These had been minor menaces in the previous war, but advances in technology meant they could threaten even the most powerful warship. Champions ascend when helping becomes a two-way street! That was worth more than the lost hardware. While WWI air power started with bombs thrown by hand, by 1940 tactical aircraft like the Ju-87 Stuka could deliver 2,000 lbs. What does Dunkirk mean? Dunkirk Movie Review: ‘Dunkirk’ is a World War II film by Christopher Nolan which depicts the story of a French beach and harbour where allied soldiers were caught in a fierce battle, with nowhere to escape. Yes the guardians became the guarded. Also, good for you for engaging with a British vet on your trip to London. To this day the mystery of why German tanks halted twice and did not go in for the kill when so many soldiers were in retreat is still unknown. War is truly awful and should only be an option of last resort, though sometimes it’s necessary. This film does a fantastic job evoking the dejection and danger these men faced without using gratuitous violence. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. ... At the end of the movie I ran down the stairs and he was just wiping his tears away and I was able to shake his hand and give him a proper salute, i really hope that the younger generations can understand what it was … Some 300,000 troops had been rescued from what looked like an impossible situation. British, French, and Belgian troops stared across the lines at their fascist counterparts in an eight-month standoff that came to be known as the “Phoney War.” In May 1940, that ended as the Germans unleashed their blitzkrieg upon the western powers. In short, this wartime drama is exceptionally moving more-so in its quieter moments. Meaning of Dunkirk. While on the subject, this film does a superb job highlighting this extremely notable aspect of history. I got to see 2001 on the big screen in 2010 & it was an incredible experience. Gal Gadot and King Kong Helping Draw Israelis to Movie Theaters in Record Numbers ; The mix of space and time has always been at the fore for Nolan, most clearly in “Memento” and “Inception.” In “Dunkirk” he addresses these questions in a bold, sophisticated manner, without the showiness of … A methodology that really works as it allows audiences the time to settle into the anguish and gravity of the situation. Amen to that. The "miracle of Dunkirk" lifted the national spirit. ). In fact I recommend watching Dunkirk and Darkest Hour in tandem. Lee Smith screens his current cut in a movie theater once a week to be reminded of the size and scope of the project. With eight Oscar nods and three wins to its credit this movie has solidified its place as one of the top military movies of all time and holds the record as the highest-grossing WWII film in history, raking in a whopping $526 million worldwide. With the sea too shallow to accommodate naval battleships no proper big-scale evacuations can be carried out. In its place director Nolan meritoriously induces emotion and trepidation by letting scenes run for long periods of time with little dialogue. Dunkirk, the newest epic from Christopher Nolan, retells one of the iconic legends of the Second World War. In the same vein, my very dear friend Dave Howard, concerned not enough was being done for our military veterans started the Canadian Legacy Project over a decade ago to assist very deserving new and older generations of Canadian Veterans in so many ways (e.g. I think this just might be my masterpiece...- IBA movie EVERYONE SHOULD SEE. Churchill left no doubt that the campaign in France was a "colossal military disaster" that left Britain in imminent danger of invasion and in line for a determined bombing campaign by the Luftwaffe. Even so, he was also aware of the morale-boosting effect of the successful evacuation. The German attack sent the allied forces reeling as an invasion of the Low Countries coupled with a devastating assault through … Now we expect wars to be quick and decisive. Inaction – Dunkirk taught us that we must always honor, assist, and fight for our countrymen who selflessly put their lives on the line for us every day. That said, intensity dominates throughout this picture, generously helped along by Hans Zimmer’s sorrowful yet conquering musical score. But in his effort to avoid the clichés and rah-rah patriotism of war movies past, writer-director Christopher Nolan has … Many were sunk by mines and torpedoes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Therefore, imminent death is a certainty – it’s just a matter of time. Where almost 400,000 British, French and Belgian soldiers were stuck. A poignant fact compellingly translated by stoic Naval Commander Bolton (Sir Kenneth Branagh) who sadly says, ‘you can practically see it – home’.
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