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Today, I want to introduce you to an exciting new ministry of Silent Word Ministries, Sign the Bible!  Whether you are leading a large Deaf Ministry, serving with a few people out in the middle of nowhere, or trying to teach low language Deaf, Sign the Bible will be a useful tool for you! Wherever or whatever you do in Deaf Ministry, this website will be beneficial to the Deaf people in your church.

Photo Credit Silent Word Ministries and

Photo Credit Silent Word Ministries and

Sign the Bible (brought to is by the great people at Silent Word Ministries) is a free, online resource with several studies through books of the Bible (in ASL) by veteran preachers and teachers of God’s Word. Videos hosted on Sign the Bible include studies through Ephesians, Acts, the Gospel presented for low language Deaf, and several other studies and Gospel presentations. Rather than catalogue the content on Sign the Bible, I want you to see it for yourself! Once you are done looking at the great content there, I will share some ideas on how you can use Sign the Bible in your ministry.

Wherever or whatever you do in Deaf Ministry, this website will be beneficial to the Deaf people in your church.

Home Bible Study. Those Deaf people in your ministry who are truly hungry to learn the Word of God now have a tool to have deep, solid Biblical lessons in the comfort of their living room! We all love those people who truly want to learn, the more tools for that, the better!

The Church-less Deaf. For all of the Deaf people who live in areas where nobody is reaching the Deaf (sadly, there are still too many of those) now have another, wonderful option for having people teach them the Bible.

Discipleship Tool. If you have a Deaf person who wants to grow more, but you are doubtful of your ability to teach the Bible in ASL, perhaps Sign the Bible will work for you. With Sign the Bible you can watch a lesson (either together or separately) and discuss the passage afterwards.

Start a Deaf Bible Class. There are many Deaf Ministries that only have interpreters, but want to grow and have a Bible study for the Deaf. However, they lack anyone qualified, able, or gifted to teach. Sign the Bible would make an excellent intermediary step between raising up (or brining in) a teacher and the beginnings of a Deaf Bible class.

Substitute Teacher. Having a teacher out can be a frustrating experience when leading a Deaf Ministry. Maybe you are the teacher who feels as if you can’t take a Sunday off because no one will teach! You need a break, but you care too much to leave you people without a teacher. The videos on Sign the Bible can make for a great substitute teacher if you have no one else available!

These are some of my ideas. I hope you will check out Sign the Bible by clicking here and use it in your Deaf Ministry!

How do you plan to use Sign the Bible?

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