Sign Language Lessons

Basic American Sign Language is a 16 lesson beginner American Sign Language curriculum developed by Pastor for the Deaf Cody Holland. It is perfectly suited for a three-month introductory course in a local church.

Basic American Sign Language Curriculum

Need more interpreters? Maybe your church has people who have mentioned that they wished they could communicate with the deaf, but don’t even know where to start! If you know Sign Language, then pass it on. Basic American Sign Language provides the framework you need to get people started communicating with the Deaf.

Basic American Sign Language provides the framework you need to get people started communicating with the Deaf.

Produced by professional interpreter Cody Holland, Basic American Sign Language makes no attempt at a thorough treatment of the language. It’s designed to jump-start the learning process by teaching the core signs learners need to connect with Deaf people! Once your  students engage in meaningful communication with the Deaf, their vocabulary and language skills will rapidly improve.

What separates Basic American Sign Language from other lessons?

  1. Short term. Sometimes we do not have the option to teach a class indefinitely. We made “Basic American Sign Language” to fit perfectly into a short-term or rolling class format. In my church, we have used it in both scenarios with success.
  2. Shorter lessons. One thing you will notice about “Basic American Sign Language” is that the lessons are very short. We eliminated as much information and vocabulary as we could while still teaching students how to communicate with the Deaf. This allows the teacher to focus on reviewing and emphasizing the material in each lesson.
  3. The goal. While making this curriculum, one of our fundamental principles was that no class will be enough for a person to gain fluency in ASL. Therefore, we made a curriculum with the end goal being that the person is able to talk with a Deaf person and figure out how to sign words that they do not know as quickly as possible.
  4. The cost. We know that most churches don’t have money sitting around to spend on resources to teach Sign Language, so we are offering “Basic American Sign Language” for free! Just click the link below to download this resource and use it in your ministry.