She’s Precious. [poem]

This poem was written by Lisa Kotvas, missionary to the Deaf at Efata Ministries in Lima, Peru. The quoted comments were actual statements made by parents of Peruvian Deaf children.

Life-sized model of a fetus at 12 Weeks

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Precious in His Sight

A child is born,
A heart tender and dear.
A treasure they have,
But alas, she cannot hear.

Eyes so bright,
A mind eager to learn.
But to them “she’s a cancer,”
They wish she’d never been born.

“Why didn’t you abort her”
The doctor sighs,
“A curse she’ll be
For the rest of your lives.”

But her Maker loves her,
Precious is she.
In HIS eyes she has value,
A jewel she’ll be.

He laid on our hearts
A burden so great.
For these little ones
who “just didn’t rate.”

A burden to share
God’s great love through our hands.
Sign language we learned,
so they’d understand.

A home, a church, a school,
And a heart full of love,
Discipline and wisdom
From our Father above.

This child is now growing,
Can read and can write.
A “cancer”? NO!
She’s precious in God’s sight!

– Lisa Kotvas

Every single life is precious to God. Share your reaction to this poem in the comments here.