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If you teach or preach regularly, you will understand this frustration. You prepare and pour everything we have into a sermon. You pray, study, write, organize and preach truly as if people’s eternal destinies lay in the balance. Then, next week comes and you mention your message from last week and ask the same audience a review question about it. All you see are blank stares… “Preaching Sticky Sermons” is a brand new book about preaching messages that sure that situation never happens!

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The book “Preaching Sticky Sermons” is written by the same people from the great blog Rookie Preacher. As a side note, I highly recommend their blog! Their book is also fantastic! It is a collection of practical ideas for preachers and teachers. There is no long theological defence or definition of preaching which consume a third of the book and there is no fluff. It is simply practical ideas for practical preachers.

It is simply practical ideas for practical preachers.

Preaching and preparing sermons is, of course, a highly personalized process for everyone of us. If you had 10 different preachers in a room and gave them a passage, you could probably find 20 different ways to prepare a sermon for the same verses. You would think this would make a book like “Preaching Sticky Sermons” inapplicable to a broad swath of preachers, but that is not so!

There is something in this book for everyone!

There is something in this book for everyone! One of my favorite take-aways was the idea of color-coding my messages. This ideas had never occurred to me before and, after reading it, I added colored highlighters to my wife’s shopping list. It makes it so much simpler for me to find my place and know what’s next while behind the pulpit.

There were several things I took away and applied to my sermons. Notably, this book has helped my spiritual preparation for the sermon and particularly assisted for my introductions (an area I tend to be weak). However, I simply want to interest you, not give away everything in the book. You will need to read it for yourself!

How can you do that? Check it out on Amazon! “Preaching Sticky Sermons” is a available in both a hard copy and an eBook. Also, for more like this, visit the blog Rookie Preacher.

Did you read “Preaching Sticky Sermons”? What did you think?

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