New Original Resource: Directory of Ministries and Resources

At Reach the Deaf, a couple of the key things we aim to do is equip Deaf Ministry leaders as well as engage them. We want to engage them (and you) not only with our site, but with one another. Today, we are introducing you to a new resource we put together, our own directory of resources, camps, ministries and more geared towards Deaf Ministry leaders!

Image credit doctor-a via

Image credit doctor-a via

Perhaps you have always wanted to bring your Deaf to Deaf Camp, but have no idea how to connect with a Bible teaching camp close to home? We have you covered! Do you want to attended a conference specifically for Deaf Ministry? We can help you find those as well! Perhaps you want to see what other ministries are doing around the corner or around the world? We have a ministries listed that have ways for you to connect with them online! Anything you might need to connect with other ministries, we want to help you find it!

Anything you might need to connect with other ministries, we want to help you find it!

Accessing our directory is very, very simple! Just click HERE! Of course, you will always be able to find it across the top bar of Reach the Deaf as well! This directory is 100% free to you! We just hope that it is a blessing that enables you to reach and grow more people for Christ’s glory!

directoryBut wait! What if you have a ministry, camp, conference, website, tool, resource, or anything else that would be of interest to those of us who serve in Deaf Ministry? Maybe you scanned the directory and thought “where is my _________?” Or “How do they not have _________?” We tried out best to compile links to as many resources and helps as we can, but we need your help to grow our directory! Feel free to submit any kind of resource or ministry as long as it relates to Deaf Ministry by emailing us at!

Thank you for making Reach the Deaf the great site that it is! Enjoy our latest resource!


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