Lectures to My Students [Resource]

Have you ever wanted to learn ministry from some of the greats? To sit at the feet and learn ministry from D.L. Moody? Adoniram Judson? Hudson Taylor? Jonathan Edwards? Charles Spurgeon? For the final one, Charles Spurgeon, I recently found out that you can! We still have lectures that he gave to his preaching students, recorded for us today in the book “Lectures to My Students.”

Photo Credit Terri Heisele via freeimages.com

Photo Credit Terri Heisele via freeimages.com

Honestly, I have been hesitant to recommend this book. Not because of anything wrong with this book, but because I felt like I am just the last person to discover this book. After all, Spurgeon has been with the Lord for over 100 years, so this book is not exactly a “new release.” However, if I had not read this book until recently, there must be other’s out there, and I want to give them (maybe you) that little push over the edge to go and pick-up or download a copy of this book!

I will not dive into a biography of Spurgeon. Most people involved in ministry know who Charles Spurgeon is. As to this book, it gives you an amazing look at the personality and practices of one of the greatest preachers who has ever lived. Some of the chapters are jammed packed with practical wisdom about finding and using illustrations, picking a passage, maintaining your audience’s attention, open air preaching, and how to minister outside of the pulpit. Juxtaposed to the down to Earth, practical wisdom are chapters full of the theology of evangelism, the personal life of the preacher, prayer, and personal devotions. This book is a fantastic mix of the ministerial and the personal.

This book is a fantastic mix of the ministerial and the personal.

I recommend you read this book with an open mind. Not everything that worked for Spurgeon will work for us in our day, and there are many things we can do that Spurgeon could only dream of using. (I would be amazed to see what Spurgeon could have done with a tool like Periscope.) On the other hand, I was pleased to see how much of preaching hasn’t changed one bit. There is much that Spurgeon has to teach us even in the 21st century!

You can pick up a copy of Lectures to My Students on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere you buy books!

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