It’s the International Week of the Deaf!

Did you know? This week is the “International Week of the Deaf.” declared so by the World Federation of the Deaf.

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Deaf people around the world use the final full week of September as an annual opportunity to make their voices heard, demanding fair treatment, accessibility, and respect. The Deaf and the hearing who work with the deaf community come together in solidarity for their common causes. This year’s theme is “With Sign Language Rights, Our Children Can!”

Watch a video about the International Week of the Deaf

In most countries around the world, the Deaf have few of the blessings they enjoy in the United States. Here in Peru where I serve as a missionary, deaf people are still unable to get driver’s licenses, and they struggle to get an interpreter even for hospital visits and trials.

With, we want to raise awareness about the worldwide Deaf community from another perspective entirely. The Deaf are not simply a minority population people in need of social justice, accessibility or education. These are important and necessary topics. Remember, though: the Deaf need Jesus.

It is vitally important to remind our people, deaf and hearing, that the gospel of Christ is a message of hope which the whole world must hear.

Remember, though: the Deaf need Jesus.

Here are some ways to keep a missionary vision ever present for your deaf ministry:

  • Invite missionaries to the deaf to speak at your church or ministry.
    It can be a great blessing and challenge to your church to have someone come and focus specifically on Deaf ministry. If you are looking for good deaf evangelists and missionaries to the deaf who are on deputation, you can contact David Bennett at Silent Word Ministries International and ask for some recommendations.
  • Organize a Deaf missions trip.Do you have deaf or hearing people in your church who know sign language and care about reaching the deaf for Christ? Consider organizing a Deaf missions trip. There are many missionaries to the Deaf you could visit and encourage. We would love to have you bring a group to visit Efata Ministries here in Peru.

    You could also participate in a trip such as the upcoming DeafNation World Expo 2016 missions trip organized by Missionary David Bennett and Silent Word Ministries International, helping to reach the thousands of deaf people who will converge on Las Vegas from dozens of countries around the world.

  • Highlight places where there is currently no mission work with the Deaf.
    Deaf missions has made great strides over the last fifty years, but there is so much more to do. There are many countries and communities around the world with no one preaching the gospel to the Deaf. Perhaps someone in your church will be the one to carry the light to a group which has never heard the truth!

Are you keeping deaf missions before your ministry? Tell us how!

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