How Should Your Deaf Ministry Be?

“Bold leadership is clarity around and unreasonable commitment to what should be.” – Andy Stanley

Photo Credit Thomas Inglis via

Photo Credit Thomas Inglis via

How should your Deaf Ministry be? When you ponder this question, what comes to mind? Are you reaching people? Spreading the Gospel? Building relationships? Having activities? Growing in Christ? Serving your community? I hope that, through this post and quote, I encourage you to ask questions about where you are leading those you influence.

When I read this quote, two things immediately come to mind. First, you must be clear where you are going. You need to have know what you want to accomplish. Is it numerical growth? How much? Spiritual growth? What will that look like? What should your Deaf Ministry look like in three, five, and ten years? If you cannot answer these questions (or at least have a clue what the answer is) you will inevitably lead your Deaf Ministry in circles.

Secondly, you must be discontent with the status quo. You need to become dissatisfied about how many you are reaching, how many are coming, and who is serving. If you become comfortable with the way things are, you will miss out on so many opportunities that God has for you. I wrote about how that has played out where I serve in this post, and I want to encourage you to read that! I almost missed an amazing opportunity because of my contentment.

Finally, always strive to do the best for the glory of God!

If you know where you are leading your Deaf Ministry, stay faithful to what God is leading you to do. Do not give up because things are difficult. If you do not know where you are leading people, talk to God and become clear about that. Finally, always strive to do the best for the glory of God. Never become comfortable with “good enough.”

What do you think of this quote?

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