Church Newsletter Meets 21st Century

Do you remember when churches use to have newsletters? They were a pretty effective way to communicate a lot of information. People could bring them home and read them at their own leisure. I liked them! I also love the way technology has opened up our ability to do ministry more effectively. Today, I want to encourage you to leverage the internet and email to maximize a Deaf Ministry newsletter for your ministry.

Photo Credit simon stratford via

Photo Credit simon stratford via

One of my oldest and favorite tools for communicating information to my ministry is email. Particularly, I prefer to create an email list of all those who are interested in receiving information about what is going on in the deaf ministry and then send out an email newsletter once a week. There are a couple of reasons I prefer this.

One of my oldest and favorite tools for communicating information to my ministry is email.


Email is free. I like free! It frees up resources for other things. It only costs a little bit of time to send an email. Compare that to the old church newsletters that a church would send out. Ministry leaders would spend not only time in making and printing the newsletter, but actual money in postage.

Almost everyone has email. Many people have multiple emails! With a few quick keystrokes we can have information in front of any one of them in seconds. Whereas Paul would have to travel from city to city and then go to the places where people congregated in those cities, we have the amazing ability to send an email to large groups of people anywhere in the world.


It makes sense that email is a simple and easy way for us to reach out and keep everyone up to date. I believe email newsletters can have immense power for us to spread the gospel and keep people in the loop about goings on at the church.

What can you put in an email newsletter to your ministry?

  • Upcoming Activities. This is one of the main reasons I send an email newsletter. I like to keep people up to date about what is going on in our Deaf Ministry.
  • Upcoming Messages. Let people know what you are preaching or teaching on Sunday! I have had people email me questions from the passage before it was even Sunday because they saw my passage selection and decided to read it for themselves.
  • Memory Verses. We have a weekly memory verse as part of our Deaf Church service. I put the memory verse in the email every week to remind people to practice and what the verse is.
  • Devotionals. I think this is one of the greatest areas we can improve in Deaf Ministries. We have such an opportunity to send people devotional material to help them grow deeper in Christ. The neat thing is that we are not even limited to words. We can use pictures and videos to communicate God’s Truth!
  • Prayer Requests and Praises. Just be careful about people’s privacy. However, this can be a great tool to share needs and get people praying for one another.
  • Miscellaneous Ministry News. Let people know what is going on! When my son was born, I used our Deaf Ministry newsletter to let people know he was finally here!
  • Signs of the week. This can be handy if you are training interpreters. I pick a random sign from ASL Pro or Signing Savvy and send it in the email.
  • Bible reading plans. If your ministry has a Reading plan for the Bible, this can be a great way to help keep everyone on the same track.

Those are just some potential ideas for your email list. If you are looking for a place to start, I recommend our post on MailChimp. With these ideas, you will be on your way to a strong email newsletter for your deaf ministry.

Do you use an email newsletter? How? What would you add to the list?

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