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The Light of the World [Resource]

Do you remember Chick Tracts? Most of us do. Those cartoon-style Gospel tracts that did a very good job at visually and clearly conveying God’s truth. Today, I want to draw your attention to a video produced by the same people that can be a powerful witnessing tool for your Deaf Ministry.

How to Not Forget Something Ever Again [Resource]

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Someone comes up to you after church and says something to the effect of “hey, what did you find out about ____________?” or “What did you decide about ___________?” Your answer, if you are anything like I was, is that “I-knew-I-forgot-something” blank stare…

A Bible in My Language [resource]

The Word of God is the foundation for my faith, and indeed for my entire understanding of the world in which I live. It is my teacher, my friend and my guide, and it is my final authority. What a treasure to have this book translated in my heart language! Men gave their lives to give me an English translation of the Book so that I could know the truth. Deaf Bible attempts to do the same for the Deaf. Is it effective? Judge for yourself.

The Green Letters [resource]

“The Green Letters” by Miles Stanford flipped my entire perspective of the Christian life on its head! It took concepts and ideas that I had heard as pithy pulpit statements and made them into real truths. This book helped me to realize that “in Christ” is not just a label or something that sounds good from the pulpit, but who I am as a Christian.

Silent Word Ministries Newspaper [resource]

If you do not get Silent Word Ministries’, News Paper, you are missing out on a very beneficial resource! It is packed full of helpful advice geared towards Deaf Ministries, information about what is happening with Deaf Ministries all over the world, and some encouragement to keep on doing what we do! They have an online edition as well as a print edition. You can get it by going to there website here. I could go on about how much I love this resource, but I thought it better just to share you an article that I found particularly encouraging and let you enjoy it like I did!

I Love ASL

Five Fancy Finger Fonts [resource]

Have you ever wished you could type out ASL fingerspelling letters as easily as regular letters? I’ve scoured the interwebs to five five great fonts that will allow you to do exactly that. These fingerspelling fonts will instantly give any publication a special, Deaf-themed flair.

You Good Person, You? [review]

I want to draw your attention to an excellent resource for your Deaf Ministry. “You Good Person, You?” is a great video Gospel tract produced by Deaf Video Communications and Silent Word Ministries. Both of...

Into the Silence - A Biblical Perspective and Plan for Reaching the Deaf Around the World

Deafness – A Biblical Perspective

This article is excerpted and adapted from the first chapter of Into the Silence – A Biblical Perspective and Plan for Reaching the Deaf Around the World by missionary to the Deaf Joe F....

Evangelist Ronnie Rice sharing the Gospel in "Good News for the Deaf"

Good News for the Deaf [review]

Deaf people need to hear about the love of Jesus, but sometimes it’s difficult for hearing people to communicate the gospel message clearly in Sign Language. If you have tried to share the gospel with someone but you’re not sure if they understood, this video is for you!