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Jesus Healing a Deaf Man

I will Praise Thee

After almost a year of deputation, I’m finally back on the field here at Efata Ministries!  It’s a joy to be part of this ministry and to see the incredible difference it makes in...

20 Activity Ideas for your Deaf Ministry

Activities are an essential component to any thriving Deaf ministry. They provide opportunities for both in-reach and out-reach, and are modeled for us in the Bible. In Acts 2:42, the early church “continued stedfastly… in breaking of bread.” They were eating together!

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

Some of the best humor is the unintended – a slip of the tongue, a word misspoken, or a sentence that just didn’t come out the way it was meant to. During the first...

If it Ain’t Broke… FIX IT!

Growing up, I always heard the expression “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I have found this to be true for most things in life. I am not looking to replace my truck’s transmission, take cholesterol medicine, or ask my wife to put a patch on new jeans.

Pickup Truck

Why You Need to Get Involved in People’s Lives

The other day, one of the Deaf men at my church asked me if I could help him pick up something for his house that was down the road at another man’s house. I was busy the day he asked, but we scheduled a time a few days later. Honestly, I was not particularly excited about helping.

Deaf Girls at Efata Ministries in Lima, Peru

Why Reach the Deaf?

Do you work with the Deaf? Maybe you’re Deaf yourself, and you have a burden to share Jesus with other Deaf people. Or maybe you are hearing and you met someone who helped you understand that EVERYONE needs a chance to “hear” the truth. We all have a story. Here’s mine.