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Physical Fitness and Ministry Part II

Previously, we looked at why your physical fitness is important to your ministry. True to form, I want to get practical this week about how to do improve your level of physical fitness. I am also going to offer some advice about eating right and exercise. You need both if you want to take your ministry further. Don’t limit yourself.

Physical Fitness and Ministry Part I

Once I found out that my wife, Michele, was pregnant, I started thinking much more seriously about my fitness. I wanted to make sure I was around for as long as I can for our son. I also wanted to be able to make the most of the time I had with him. Most importantly to me, I wanted him to think his dad is Superman! (I’m still working on that one) That started me seriously trying to get in shape. I had tried it before and never stuck with it. However, with a kid on the way, it felt more important than ever.

Are You Ready for Visitors?

We all love having visitors come to our Deaf Ministries! It is exciting and refreshing to see new people. Whether it is a person you have never met or someone you have been inviting to church for years, few things are as great as a new face at church. However, if we are not ready for visitors, we could miss out on an opportunity to minister to that person, both now and into the future. We must ask ourselves, are we ready for visitors?

Church Newsletter Meets 21st Century

Do you remember when churches use to have newsletters? They were a pretty effective way to communicate a lot of information. People could bring them home and read them at their own leisure. I liked them! I also love the way technology has opened up our ability to do ministry more effectively. Today, I want to encourage you to leverage the internet and email to maximize a Deaf Ministry newsletter for your ministry.

How I Equip People

As leaders, one of our primary responsibilities is to equip others to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12; 2 Timothy 2:2). To me, that is also one of the most difficult parts of leading a ministry (of any kind). It does not matter if I am training an interpreter or teaching a Deaf man to teach a small group. It is hard work!


Relationships Matter

The one thing you can never forget in Deaf ministry is the people. Programs, activities and services are all important, but the relationships you build with your deaf people and they build with each...

What Preachers Can Learn from Teachers

I spend most of my life surrounded by educators. My wife has a degree in Elementary Education. My mom is an educator. I work with teachers all day during my day job (educational interpreting). I have seen a variety of educators and educational styles. I have seen many teachers that were phenomenal and a few who struggled…

Five Things I Have Learned about Van Ministry

One of the most simultaneously frustrating and rewarding ministries I know of is the van ministry. In between planning, pickups, and drop offs, a lot of time and energy can go into a van ministry. However, the van ministry is also a powerful tool to bring people to church who would otherwise have no other way to get there.

The Benefits of Not Working at the Church

If you are here, reading this blog, you are most likely passionate about Deaf ministry and serving God. You also probably know that very few people serving in Deaf Ministry have the privilege to minister to the Deaf full time. Most people (myself included) are lay-leaders in their deaf ministry. My goal today is to encourage you all who are in the same situation as I am.