Big Vision, Small Steps

“Big visions are realized through¬†small steps.” – Mike Glenn

Ben Earwicker - Garrison Photography, Boise, ID -

Ben Earwicker – Garrison Photography, Boise, ID –

It is safe to say that most of us have big visions for the groups we lead. We are leaders, that is what we do. We cast a vision and lead people forward to fulfill that vision. Right now, at CrossRoads, my vision for our ministry is that we give a clear presentation of the Gospel to every Deaf person in our area. That’s a big goal! Honestly, it is a big goal that can be overwhelming.

That is where our quote this week applies! Every single one of us has big visions for what God would have us to do. Maybe they are attendance-focused. Maybe they are equipping-focused. Maybe they are evangelism-focused. Whatever kind of focus they are, we have big goals.

Big goals are not easy. That is why we need to break them down into smaller steps! Just recently (May 28th, 2015) my son took his first steps without holding onto anything. They were not leaps and he was not bounding. He simply took little steps. One day he will take leaps and bounds, but he starts with small steps and builds up to that.

That is how it is with goals. We start small. We invite people to church. We get into the Deaf community activities. We recruit workers. We start with small steps and end up with big visions!

What big vision do you have for your ministry?

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