Author: Joseph Kotvas


Relationships Matter

The one thing you can never forget in Deaf ministry is the people. Programs, activities and services are all important, but the relationships you build with your deaf people and they build with each...

Jesus Healing a Deaf Man

I will Praise Thee

After almost a year of deputation, I’m finally back on the field here at Efata Ministries!  It’s a joy to be part of this ministry and to see the incredible difference it makes in...

A Bible in My Language [resource]

The Word of God is the foundation for my faith, and indeed for my entire understanding of the world in which I live. It is my teacher, my friend and my guide, and it is my final authority. What a treasure to have this book translated in my heart language! Men gave their lives to give me an English translation of the Book so that I could know the truth. Deaf Bible attempts to do the same for the Deaf. Is it effective? Judge for yourself.

Cambridge University, England

Clever Devils

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” – Often attributed to C.S. Lewis


Cause Them to Understand

So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.

I Love ASL

Five Fancy Finger Fonts [resource]

Have you ever wished you could type out ASL fingerspelling letters as easily as regular letters? I’ve scoured the interwebs to five five great fonts that will allow you to do exactly that. These fingerspelling fonts will instantly give any publication a special, Deaf-themed flair.

Life-sized model of a fetus at 12 Weeks

She’s Precious. [poem]

This poem was written by Lisa Kotvas, missionary to the Deaf at Efata Ministries in Lima, Peru. The quoted comments were actual statements made by parents of Peruvian Deaf children. Precious in His Sight A child is...

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

Some of the best humor is the unintended – a slip of the tongue, a word misspoken, or a sentence that just didn’t come out the way it was meant to. During the first...

Cup of Hot Chocolate

Deaf People are Like Chocolate [quote]

It is wise for hearing churches to consider their deaf ministries as missionary-type ministries. The deaf ministry requires a large commitment. Interpreters must be trained. Transportation is often needed. The church must be flexible with having another language/culture...

Into the Silence - A Biblical Perspective and Plan for Reaching the Deaf Around the World

Deafness – A Biblical Perspective

This article is excerpted and adapted from the first chapter of Into the Silence – A Biblical Perspective and Plan for Reaching the Deaf Around the World by missionary to the Deaf Joe F....