Monthly Archive: February 2015

Communicating for a Change [Resource]

Think back to last Sunday morning. You are in church and most likely preaching to, or teaching, a group of individuals God’s Word. You spent all week praying and preparing. You have studied the passage, you have internalized the passage, and now you are preaching yourself empty. Next week, you do the same thing…

What Preachers Can Learn from Teachers

I spend most of my life surrounded by educators. My wife has a degree in Elementary Education. My mom is an educator. I work with teachers all day during my day job (educational interpreting). I have seen a variety of educators and educational styles. I have seen many teachers that were phenomenal and a few who struggled…

Frustrated by Slow Results?

A lot of pastors overestimate what they can do in a short time and underestimate what they can do over the long haul. – Alistair Begg

The Light of the World [Resource]

Do you remember Chick Tracts? Most of us do. Those cartoon-style Gospel tracts that did a very good job at visually and clearly conveying God’s truth. Today, I want to draw your attention to a video produced by the same people that can be a powerful witnessing tool for your Deaf Ministry.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

If I love people, ministry is a lot of fun. But its hard work to genuinely love people. – Kyle Idleman

How Much Do You Care?

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” — John Maxwell