Monthly Archive: January 2015

How to Not Forget Something Ever Again [Resource]

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Someone comes up to you after church and says something to the effect of “hey, what did you find out about ____________?” or “What did you decide about ___________?” Your answer, if you are anything like I was, is that “I-knew-I-forgot-something” blank stare…

Talk to the Right Person FIRST

“Never talk to a man about God until you have talked to God about that man.” – Pastor Tom Messer

Five Things I Have Learned about Van Ministry

One of the most simultaneously frustrating and rewarding ministries I know of is the van ministry. In between planning, pickups, and drop offs, a lot of time and energy can go into a van ministry. However, the van ministry is also a powerful tool to bring people to church who would otherwise have no other way to get there.

Are You Doing What God Has Already Done?

“In our private prayers and in our public services,we are forever asking God to do things that He either has already done or cannot do because of our unbelief…” – A. W. Tozer

The Benefits of Not Working at the Church

If you are here, reading this blog, you are most likely passionate about Deaf ministry and serving God. You also probably know that very few people serving in Deaf Ministry have the privilege to minister to the Deaf full time. Most people (myself included) are lay-leaders in their deaf ministry. My goal today is to encourage you all who are in the same situation as I am.


“Let us take care lest we get out of soul-rest in seeking further blessing. God cannot work whilst we are anxious, even about our spiritual experience. Let us take Him at His Word, and leave the fulfillment of it to Him.” – Miles Stanford, The Green Letters